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StackFood Multi Restaurant Script – Admin New Order Notifications

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Hi, Team I’m facing an issues with my StackFood Multi Restaurant Script. New Order Notification Not showing and desktop notifications. anyone facing the same issue here? even after enabling admin order notifications?

did you set up Firebase notification properly?

In the JavaScript file “firebase-messaging-sw.js” replace your firebase credential ( apiKey, authDomain, projectId, storageBucket, messagingSenderId, appId ):

apiKey: “YOUR_API_KEY”,
authDomain: “YOUR_AUTH_DOMAIN”,
projectId: “YOUR_PROJECT_ID”,
storageBucket: “YOUR_STORAGE_BUCKET”,
messagingSenderId: “YOUR_MESSAGING_SENDER_ID”,
appId: “YOUR_APP_ID”,
databaseURL: “…”,
  • Only required for version 6.1 and above.
  • Don’t add multiple firebase-messaging-sw.js files with the same credentials on your server.

Thank you.

SatckFood is a Multi restaurant food delivery system developed using Laravel and Flutter frameworks. Using StackFood, you can reinvent the way of food ordering and delivery system with its superb admin panel. With StackFood’s readymade and highly responsive mobile apps, you’ll get a seamless user experience for sure.

Now the question is, why do you need to go with StackFood instead of other food delivery systems available in the market? Well, there is much to talk about it. We just need a few minutes of your valuable time to give this a read. 


After that, we hope you’ll purchase StackFood AUTO-MAGICALLY to elevate your online food ordering and delivery business, as it’s a complete package within your reach!

Item NameVersionDownload Link
StackFood Multi Restaurant – Food Delivery App with Laravel Admin and Restaurant Panelv.7.2.1Download
StackFood Multi Restaurant – Food Ordering Restaurant Appv.7.2.1Download
StackFood Multi Restaurant – Food Ordering Delivery Man Appv.7.2.1Download
StackFood – React User Websitev.2.4Download
StackFood Multi Restaurant – Food Delivery App with Laravel Admin and Restaurant Panel Nulled Free Download

StackFood Multi Restaurant – Food Delivery App with Laravel Admin and Restaurant Panel Nulled Free Download

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